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Women’s Issues

What are Women’s Issues?

Many women in our culture experience issues that are, or can be, specifically female related. These may include role issues, career issues, issues of motherhood, fertility/infertility issues, parenting, eating disorders and body image issues, postpartum depression, other mood disorders, relational difficulties and so on.

What are the benefits of psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy can be very effective in helping women work through problem areas while addressing coping responses to deal with the many stressors in a woman's life. Benefits may include:
  • Becoming more able to feel, identify, and express emotion
  • Being able to make connections (e.g. between feelings and behavior, or previous experiences) to gain greater insights about emotional responses in the present
  • Learning alternative ways to process, manage, and express emotions
  • Re-evaluating past thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to increase self-acceptance

What does this process involve?

The aim of psychotherapy is lasting psychological change, brought about through increased awareness and insight. The nature, scope, and duration of therapy is individualized to each client.